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Global Gambling Provider Confirms Revenues After Casinos Reopening

screenshot of Even though the latest casino news reports that gambling providers are only suffering, Casinos Austria International declared the first profit after opening their gambling facilities. The company reached a positive financial balance in some countries, giving hope for a fast recovery. The Austrian global casino provider received the first revenues after people could enter gambling venues. Casinos Austria International surpassed €50 million income drop during the first half of 2020, which is about 30% of the year-on-year negative tendency. The latest period and lockdown weakening allowed the losses to decrease. Casino representatives from Belgium reported almost 6 million euro losses, while Swiss gambling venues exceeded two million euros wastage. Denmark tried to turn to a positive balance, but more than €700 thousand put them on the negative side. At the same time, opening the casino facilities in Germany and Hungary led to first revenues. Thus, German casinos reported a €2.5 million profit, while Hungary gave another half a million euros income. Why are those numbers a positive tendency? The year 2020 is the whop for almost all entertainment businesses, which has led to considerable losses in diverse industries. The total lockdown made land-based casinos unprofitable venues that showed losses since February. The first revenues shown by Hungary and Germany, even not the biggest ones, confirm that the land-based industry has the potential to recover. The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus lockdown could negatively influence casinos' clients, but the recent report showed that the potential fast curing is still possible. Read more: How casinos measure profits: gross gaming revenue vs. net gaming revenue? Read more: Software for casino: how to choose the best one?
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